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Let’s talk felines

Feeding our felines raw is often overlooked. When we talk about feeding raw to our pets, most think about feeding our canine friends. Well it's really about feeding a species appropriate diet to all animals. Our feline companions are obligate carnivores. So what does this mean? People refer to as cats as being obligate carnivores [...]

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Getting Started

The most important piece of information I can tell you is that balance is achieved over time. This means stop worrying. This means you don't need to feed a complete balanced meal every time. In fact I have never ever met anyone that manages to achieve a perfectly balanced meal 365 days a year 2/3/4 [...]

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Where it all began

My journey started with a Labrador called Skye. She was 9 at the time. My poor old girl was crippled with arthritis and spondylosis of the spine ( degeneration of the spinal column) this led to her having horrific pain in her rear end. Skye had been on all the usual pain relief for a [...]

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