With raw feeding on the rise of popularity, is it time we all knew more, or should we just expect our manufactures to be getting it right?

Personally I don’t think we should just solely relying on anyone or any manufacture to be doing it all. Thats like asking our ready meals to be ticking all the boxes all the time. (By the way our raw ready meals are much healthier).

Having said that, its like anything there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Nevertheless I do believe we can pimp all meals. Im not talking every day but I am talking adding something at least twice a week. I’ll do another blog in-depth about this, as it will take over from this one. Back to what I was talking about,

Some ‘raw feeders’ are calling 80-10-10’s complete, firstly complete and 80-10-10 are nothing alike. We do need to stop saying they are the same thing. If you want to solely feed 80-10-10 diets I have no problem with your choices but ill explain later why I wouldn’t.

The word complete , I personally hate. Firstly anyone who reads the words complete on a pack would believe that, even if it isn’t. Secondly the word complete is misused in the raw feeding industry and that will give us all a bad name. Thirdly if we have problems in the future and our vet asks what we have been feeding…. well I don’t really carry on. Mud sticks.

What is the definition of complete?

The definition of complete, by dictionary 1) having all the necessary or appropriate parts.

The definition from FEDIAF provides adequate amounts of all the required nutrients. But who are FEDIAF, well they are  European Pet Food Industry Federation, they provide guidelines which are detailed with the nutritional requirements of dogs at varying life stages and they are regularly reviewed by independent nutrition experts throughout Europe.

Who has a say?

Does your vet have the right to be judgemental about your choices to feed raw? Well its not just a case of being clear cut, black and white. Ultimately yes, and why do I say that, well they are here to help our sick pets. Now we don’t ever want that to be a situation but thats not realistic. A badly fed raw diet is the worse diet you can feed. This is well documented, but a well fed raw diet can be the best diet you can feed. It can be that extreme.

So it is super important that you understand what’s going on, whats going into your food and whats missing.

Theres a couple of things you can do immediately to help ease your vets mind.

  1. Bacteria is on most vets lips. In reality we live and breathe bacteria in daily, it’s everywhere and not all is bad. We need bacteria. But remember buy from DEFRA approved suppliers who are batch testing their raw materials regularly (yes theres flaws, but honestly its a start) All Stefs PP suppliers are DEFRA registered and I’ve actually travelled to a lot of the factories and see for myself. So let’s not loose our head over bacteria, we aren’t all going to get sick and die.
  2. Good husbandry, that means treat it like raw meat, don defrost in the microwave, oven, radiator. Do it in the fridge over a 24/48hour period. Doing this will not accelerate the bacteria growth. Most raw foods once defrosted will last 3/4 days in the fridge. Keep it in sealed boxes and wipe all surfaces down with hot soapy water.

Equally if you are practising great husbandry and truly understand what your feeding then there shouldn’t be any problem.