Have you heard of the dirty dozen and the clean 15?

This is the 2019 dirty dozen! These are if you buy them, feed them (and eat them yourself ) what you should spending a little more and getting organic…. or switching these up and buying the clean 15 (but more on them soon.)
Fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts and extras are super important part of our canines diet! Despite what you read in various facebook groups, forums, manufactures only producing diets without extras etc etc. I’ve just recently read an article suggesting feeding none at all!!! But they conveniently selling their supplements instead (can you hear my eyes rolling from there?)
Im always the first person to say that our dogs are individuals and we should treat them as such. What suits one might not suit another, so just bare that in mind next time you read- dogs don’t need veggies! I can never really get my head around the fact we all want the best for our pets, yet this argument to feed or not to feed will divide for a while yet. There’s now research out there that’s undeniable for adding green leafy veggies to any diet,  3 times a week that will dramatically decrease disease markers. Look I’m not teaching grandma how to suck eggs, we all know the importance of eating fresh foods, and that’s the same for them, so let’s take a quick look why…. and then that will lend back to what to avoid or what to spend a-little extra on buying organic.
So our fruits and vegetables provide lots of nutrients; vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, fibre, antioxidants, water and so much more! Plus lets not forget about naturally occurring enzymes (those help to digest food). I’ll do a separate blog about this too! As just mentioning some of the amazing properties they have in one sentence isn’t doing them justice.
Now there’s no point of adding all that amazing-ness if our choices for extras are plagued with pesticides. If you didn’t know they are as harmful to us as they are them. If you wanted to know more just google, just remember I did warm you before.

Now we aren’t all doom and gloom lets look at the clean 15, these fruits and veggies contain fewer pesticides than the dirty dozen and and usually easier on the wallet.

Remember we all do our best, don’t put your budget over buying organic just make the switch. Dont forget no matter what list you choose to feed dogs cant have grapes, cherry stones, strawberry tops, onions and its advisable to also avoid potatoes, hot peppers (can add flavour and can be given in small amounts, but always let them choose not to have it) and sweetcorn!
Remember fruits and veggies can be fed multi ways, whole, raw, steamed, dry fried, blitzed in fact any which way you fancy! Dont forget to get creative and start your feeding experince