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Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen

Have you heard of the dirty dozen and the clean 15?

In this Dirty Dozen blog, I’m going to outline the differences between these two lists. I’ll also discuss why I think feeding fruit and veggies to your dogs is important.

Fruit and veggies, seeds, nuts and extras are a super important part of our canine’s diet, despite what you read in various Facebook groups and forums, or from manufactures that only produce diets without extras etc. I’ve recently read an article suggesting feeding none at all! Yet in said article, they’re conveniently selling their supplements instead (can you see my eyes rolling from there?).

I’m always the first person to say that our dogs are individuals and we should treat them as such. What suits one might not suit another. Just bear that in mind next time you read that dogs don’t need veggies! I can never really get my head around the fact we all want the best for our pets yet this argument will divide for a while yet.

There’s now research out there that states adding green leafy veggies to any diet, 3 times a week, will dramatically decrease disease markers. Look, I’m not teaching grandma how to suck eggs; we all know the importance of eating fresh foods. It’s the same for our dogs.

Fruit and vegetables provide lots of nutrients. This includes vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, fibre, antioxidants, water and so much more! Plus, let’s not forget about naturally occurring enzymes that help to digest food. You can find out more information about feeding fruit and veg to your dog in one of my other blogs.

But, there’s no point adding all that amazingness if our choices for extras are plagued with pesticides. If you didn’t know, they are as harmful to us as they are to our dogs. If you want to know more, have a Google, just remember I did warn you!


The dirty dozen

The above image outlines the 2019 dirty dozen list. This shows which fruit/veg farmers use the most pesticides on. So if you’re buying these ingredients, it might be worth investing in organic or buying from the clean 15 list instead.

The clean 15

Now we don’t want to be all doom and gloom so let’s also look at the clean 15. These fruit and veggies contain fewer pesticides than the dirty dozen and are usually easier on the wallet too.


Remember, we all do our best so don’t go over your budget by overbuying organic, just make small changes. Please don’t forget no matter what list you choose to feed, dogs can’t have grapes, cherry stones, strawberry tops or onions, and it’s advisable to also avoid potatoes, hot peppers (can add flavour and can be given in small amounts, but always let them choose not to have it) and sweetcorn!

And finally, fruit and veggies can be fed in multiple ways: whole, raw, steamed, dry fried, blitzed, in fact any which way you fancy. So be creative with your feeding experience!