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Kick Start The Day

We all know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

Well this simple, quick and effective powerhouse breakfast is the perfect meal to break the fast for our pups! You can follow this with their normal breakie (with a short break 30mins to 1hour is advised)

Items needed:

Kefir – gut restoration food, kefir is both antibacterial, anti fungal and is full of live good bacteria …

Coconut oil – can kill giardia and is effective aid to ridding themselves of worms and other nasty parasites, coconut can also a repellent of fleas and ticks used externally (make sure your coconut oil is 100% organic cold pressed, raw)

Calendula – is a natural pain relief and has wonderful healing power, its antibacterial anti-fungal antimicrobial properties make it beneficial for boosting health and immunity

Mixed berries; pomegranate, goji, blueberries- pomegranate is a natural anthelmintic (anti parasite) its is also useful against tapeworm goji berry also antioxidant are high in vitamins and minerals, same said with blueberries and all are a good source of fibre (organic berries, if possible)

Mint – promotes digestion, stimulates enzyme production , soothing the stomach, mint is also uplifting (homegrown is the best if you can)

Cucumber – containing curcubitin an amino acid that paralyses and eliminates worms from the digestive tract (organic is very important with cucumbers as they make the dirty dozen list for 2019)

Thyme – traditionally used to treat worms in children and still often found in natural worming blends today,thyme is antiseptic and antispasmodic (home grown is best if you can)

(Our gojis are rehydrated)

We have given you some ideas for presentation! Remember if you make this recipe we would love to see it, post it on social media and tag us use #teamstefs . We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Its pawfect just for them, but safe for us too to share