Utterly Rawsome



Because it’s great for your dog.

Dogs need meat (protein) to thrive. Not kibble (carbohydrate).

Dogs have a gut that is designed to digest meat. Anything else stresses their gut, which can cause allergies, dietary issues, and in many cases, cancer.

The quality of the meat that we use in our packs is obvious, when you open one of our protein packs. It’s not a sloppy mince, it’s real food for your dog.

We call this “Chunks of Goodness!”.

It’s whole venison meat from the New Forest, free range chicken breast and drumstick from Devon and South Wales, turkey breast and thigh from Norfolk, pork from Oxfordshire, and prime beef from Dorset and Somerset. All human grade meat.

We don’t use any fillers, such as potato or brown rice that dogs really struggle to digest. Dogs do get micronutrients from some plant sources (many dogs love broccoli, and carrots, for example) but meat is the core of a dog’s healthy diet.

Everything is pre-frozen before packing, and you can pick out individual items such as bone and offal to serve later, if needs be.

If you are researching raw feeding, there is a lot of misinformation about the risk of bacteria.

Yes, there is a risk – as with all raw meat – of the product hosting bacteria.

However, all raw meat, including the bacon we might grill on a Sunday for breakfast, has been through exactly the same checks that our meals have. Cooking meat kills bacteria for us, however dogs have a much higher gut temperature and acidity that kills these bugs (by design), so raw meat shouldn’t be a problem. Following sensible hygiene rules around raw meat keeps everyone safe. Be assured – all of our meals come from high welfare farms and are tested to DEFRA standards.

All of our food is balanced to what is known as the “prey” diet (what a dog would eat in the wild – 80% meat, 10% offal and 10% bone). We don’t add veggies, but you by all means can, as you will know what your dog prefers.

Because it’s served in chunk form, it gives your dog real texture when she eats, a valuable stimulus to her mental state (Google “endorphins”), as well as improving her dental hygiene.

Our food tubs are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can re-use them at home, after use. Or recycle – if you can – please do!

Many of our customers start with our Taster Box (and many are still ordering it, more than a year later!).

You get a selection of five protein, offal and bone sources, all in one affordable pack; the perfect mix for your dog. You can even set up a no-commitment subscription, and save 5%!

As they say, your faithful hound has tried the rest, now give her the best!

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