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Red Mite Powder from Barrier is an insect repellent for amateur use against Red Mite, also known as Chicken Mite, Roost Mite and Poultry Mite. Apply directly to poultry and sprinkle liberally in the housing paying particular attention to the perch ends, corners and crevices. For use in Organic and Intensive farming systems. Red Mite Powder does not taint eggs. Sterilisable maize is used as the carrier and the ingredients include Australian Tea Tree Oil 1.5% and Lavandin Oil 1.5%. Ideal for all Birds and Poultry.
Fully HSE approved. A 100% natural insect repellent for use against biting and blood-sucking lice by direct application to horses, ponies, donkeys, cattle, goats, rabbits, birds and other small pets. One application remains active for up to six weeks depending on weather conditions. Suitable for use in organic farming systems. HSE licence no: 8712. Note: efficacy will be affected if used in conjunction with chemical-based products.

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