Verm-X Original Pellets for Poultry, Ducks and Fowl


Verm-X is a 100% natural, active formulation that helps restore and maintain gut vitality, a foundation for good animal health. We’ve harnessed a unique combination of herbs to cultivate a healthy digestive system – an effective alternative to using artificial chemicals. We really believe in making responsible choices for the wellbeing of animals, as well as the environment.

Verm-X Original is gentle enough to be used everyday because it works over a more natural timescale, rather than acting as an immediate purge. With 21 days in which it becomes fully effective, its effect on the gut is much milder than that of its pharmaceutical counterparts.

Heartened by your feedback and listening to what you most need, we have since developed the Verm-X range to accommodate a wider spectrum of healthcare needs for pets and animals. Naturally effective herbal blends that are kinder to animals and kinder to the planet.

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A monthly supplement to restore and maintain gut vitality.

Made from 100% natural active ingredients, the Verm-X® Original range can be fed all year round. For daily control and protection of intestinal hygiene. You can continue to eat the eggs whilst using it because there are no chemicals in this product.

Feeding Guide

Chickens and Ducks: Add 2.5g per bird. Turkeys and Geese: Add 5g per bird. Add as a top dressing to their regular feed ration. Repeat this for three consecutive days each month.

Prior to introducing any new product have a Faecal Egg count (FEC) so you have a record of your starting point. Follow up FEC should be performed 21 days after the last day Verm-X is fed. We recommend that all poultry have regular faecal checks ( at least twice a year) to avoid unnecessary control programmes.

750g will last 15 birds 6 months


Wheat Meal, Verm-X (Cinnamon, Garlic, Thyme, Peppermint, Fennel, Cleavers, Nettles, Slippery Elm, Quassia, Cayenne), Wheatfeed Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Seaweed Meal, Sunflower Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt. Analysis: Protein 16%, Ash 10%, Fibre 7.5%, Oil 3%

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