Cotswold RAW Lamb Cage Ribs (x4)


✔ 4 racks per bag

✔ 100% British lamb meat & bone

✔ Perfect supplement to your dog’s raw diet

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Raw meat and bones are a brilliant accompaniment to your dog’s raw diet. This is because not only are they a tasty and enriching treat, they’re also a superb way of keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. In particular, Cotswold RAW Lamb Cage Ribs are a perfect choice. For one thing, they consist of 100% British lamb meat and bone, with absolutely no additives. In addition, they are gluten and grain free, too.

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Please make sure you read the important information below before feeding Cotswold RAW Lamb Cage Ribs to your dog.

Important information:

• Contains bone

• 4 racks per bag

• Appropriate age: 10 months +


And please remember the following advice when feeding your dog a raw bone:

• Choose a product appropriate to your dog’s age, size and breed

• Never leave a dog unattended with a bone and never feed cooked bones

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