Cotswold RAW Chicken Carcass (x2)


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Cotswold RAW Chicken Carcass (x2)

✔ 100% organic chicken meat & bone

✔ No additives; gluten & grain free

✔ Brilliant natural supplement to your dog’s raw diet

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Cotswold RAW Chicken Carcass

Enhance your dog’s raw diet by feeding Cotswold RAW Chicken Carcass. The perfect supplement to help promote cleaner teeth and gums, these chicken carcasses are completely natural – just 100% organic chicken meat and bone with no additives, grains or gluten. All Cotswold RAW’s meat is British, and their chicken comes from an award-winning organic and free-range poultry farm in the heart of the Welsh hills.

So, what does that mean for you? It means you’ll be feeding your dog a top quality, natural product, designed to help them thrive. After all, our dogs deserve the very best, right?

If you like the sound of Cotswold RAW and their ethos, be sure to have a look at the other selection of raw dog food products they have available.


Important information:

• Contains bone

• 2 carcasses per bag

• Approximately 650g

• Appropriate age: 5 months +


And please remember the following advice when feeding your dog a raw bone:

• Choose a product appropriate to your dog’s age, size and breed

• Never leave a dog unattended with a bone and never feed cooked bones

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