AiKiou Thin Kat Interactive Slow Feeder


AiKiou Thin Kat Interactive Slow Feeder

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AiKiou Thin Kat Interactive Slow Feeder

Aikiou Thin Kat Interactive Cat Bowl Slow Feed Flower Puzzle, White/Blue MEAL TIME IS PUZZLE TIME: The Thin Kat cat interactive puzzle slow feeder brings challenge to another level. CAT TESTED: Your cat will enjoy hunting for it’s food like nature intended. HEALTHY TOO: This toy helps keep your cat active. The goal of this toy is to help pets live longer, healthier, and pain-free lives by maintaining a healthy weight through physical activity. SPARKLING CLEAN: All AiKiou products are made with food safe plastic (BPA and BHT free) which means they are safe for your pets and the top rack of your dishwasher! WE KNOW PETS: From the ingenuity of its founding family, AiKiou has developed fun and interactive products for cats and dogs for nearly 10 years. AiKiou is a family-friendly pet-friendly company.

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