JR Christmas 3 Bird Roast Crackers.


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  • Part of our 3 bird roast Christmas Range
  • Includes 3 individual crackers with our Pure Pate:
  • Duck 80g
  • Chicken 80g
  • Turkey 80g
  • 100% Meat, these treats are perfect for any dog at Christmas!
  • Used as training treats or complete foods.
  • Fantastic to stuff into toys & on licky matts
  • Slice it. Dice it. Cube it. Stuff it. Mash it. Sprinkle it. Freeze it.
  • Box comes fully assembled with the JR branding
Approximate Measurements;
Cracker Box
22.5 cm Long
15.5cm Wide
6.00cm Depth
Individual Crackers
22.0 cm Long
5.0 cm Wide
5.0 cm Depth

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