This mixed box contains any mixture of what’s listed. They will mostly contain 80-10-10 but can contain boneless minces too. New packaging and labels are starting to come though on all packaging but please be aware they many not all be labelled. Please also note you cannot specify what’s in the boxes

One mixed box contains 14 1lb minces


Can be a random mixture of any of the below, please note, you cannot pick and choose flavours. They are random and cannot be changed, they are pre-mixed

Beef & Chicken Mince
Beef & Heart Mince
Beef & Liver Mince
Beef & Tripe Mince
Beef Mince
Beef Mince, Meat Only
Lamb & Lamb Tripe Mince
Lamb Mince Mince
Lamb Mince, Meat Only
Pork & Tripe Mince
Pork Mince Mince
Pork Mince, Meat Only
Veal Mince Mince
Veal Mince, Meat Only
Chicken & Apple Mince
Chicken & Lamb Mince
Chicken & Liver Mince
Chicken & Oily Fish Mince
Chicken & Tripe Mince
Chicken Mince
Chicken Mince, Meat Only
Duck & Tripe Mince
Duck Mince 14 x 454g
Fish Mince 14 x 454g
Game & Tripe Mince
Haddock Mince 14 x 454g
Oily Fish Mince 14 x 454g
Pheasant Mince 14 x 454g
Rabbit Mince 14 x 454g
Trout Mince 14 x 454g
Turkey & Apple Mince
Turkey Mince 14 x 454g
Venison Mince 14 x 454g
Venison Mince, Meat Only
White Fish Mince