Complete mixed box contains 18 x 500g complete boxes of the following

2 x Chicken complete 500g

2 x Duck complete 500g

2 x Rabbit Complete 500g

2 x Fish complete 500g

1 x Chicken and Kangaroo complete 500g

1 x Chicken and Venison complete 500g

2 x Lamb complete 500g

2 x Turkey complete 500g

2 x Beef complete complete 500g

2 x Chicken and Pork Complete 500g


Subject to change without prior warning. No requested substitutions available. This is the key in feeding a raw diet, in this mixed box there is will always be minimum of 5 different proteins. 5% vegetables and supplements (Curly Kale, Green Beans, Parsnips, Dandelion Root, Nettle root, Organic Fairtrade turmeric, 100% cold pressed coconut oil, Parsley,
Grapefruit seed extract, Green Lipped muscle)

Substitutions can be made without prior warning