Two Day Practical Workshop & Seminar



Tickets available for 25th and 26th May 2019

Over the weekend we will be bringing you Emma Rutherford, Dr Isla Fishburn, Junior Hudson and Caroline Ingraham.

This weekend was a huge success and we have ramped it up for our second. If you want to share this weekend having our mind blown, you will need to be here.

Make new friends for life, have great food, laughed and learning is a relaxed environment. We will be catering for vegans, GF, Nut free and can accommodate most allergies too.

Introducing Emma, 

Emma will be speaking about her philosophies on how to nourish the 21st Century Canine.

Emma has one foot firmly based in a scientific approach to feeding a balanced diet using her extensive spreadsheets covering AAFCO/NRC Guidelines / Ancestral diet (ONR) / FEDIAF

And the other foot firmly planted in nature, nourishing dogs with choice & a daily eating experience.

Emma – Natural Canine Kitchen & private consultancy Feed Your Dog Well.

will demonstrate how to:

One complete and balanced meal for dogs and one complete and balanced meal for cats. Both will be balanced to FEDIAF

Introducing Isla,

Dr Isla Fishburn, founder of Kachina Canine, is passionate about complete wellness for all of life. Her academic knowledge and experience of working with wolves and wolf hybrids has taken her on a journey to bring complete wellness to dogs. Isla provides a variety of wellbeing needs to bring complete canine wellness to your dog  to provide a long and healthy life.

A happy and healthy dog starts with a happy and healthy Earth!

Isla has had a long interest in nature, healing and conservation for a healthy planet with much focus on shamanic practices. After learning more about wellness, as well as the deep personal connection gained whilst working with wolves, Isla continues to find ways to bridge the gap between non-human animals, plants and humans to co-exist in harmony.

Her research and its practical application has made her one of the foremost authorities on canine wellness and longevity.

Isla talk is titled Indigenous Canine, Indigenous you!

This is a brand new never been seen or heard talk from Dr Isla,

Isla will be energy testing with food,

Introducing Junior,

Junior Hudson is a Canine Integrative Wellness Practitioner. Specialising in behaviour, nutrition and holistic health he integrates a multi-dimensional approach to canine wellness, incorporating both conventional and holistic methodologies, through his practise; Heal The Dog .
An associate member of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. Junior has assisted the Kennel Club in updating and modifying health recommendations for owners and breeders and has worked alongside leading experts in the field worldwide
Junior is first and foremost a dedicated pet parent to his 3 Eurasiers and a breed health coordinator in the UK. When one of his own dogs’ life was threatened by autoimmune disease, the mission to save him took Junior on a difficult but inspired journey, ultimately resulting in a greater understanding of autoimmunity and how we can prevent and address it.
Introducing Caroline,
is the founder of Ingraham Academy and founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy, a new approach to animal welfare which gives domestic and captive animals the chance to ‘self-medicate’ as research shows they would in the wild.

Caroline has dedicated the last three decades to researching and observing how animals heal themselves; knowledge gained directly from working with the animals themselves. From this the Animal gateway series of workshops and books have been created to give you the most effective and natural method of working with your animals, enabling a new level of relationship and communication to exist between humans and animals.

We learn to trust our animals to allow them to choose their own dietry needs though self selection


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