Two Day Practical Workshop & Seminar


Venue is in Yorkshire in a secluded photography studio: Royston Fold Farm, Saltaire Rd, Bingley, BD16 3EY


Learn all about fresh feeding at our two-day practical workshop and seminar on the 25th and 26th May 2019

Our May bank holiday workshop is back by popular demand after the unbelievable success of last year’s event. Learn all about fresh feeding from some of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals in the natural pet food industry. Packed full of demonstrations, discussions and talks, with plenty of opportunities to get hands-on, you really don’t want to miss it! We’ll even be running a special Masterchef-style competition where you can have a go at creating your own canine and feline culinary masterpieces. Who will be crowned winner of the best dinner?

We’re proud to announce this year’s spokeswomen will be (drum roll please!)… Emma Rutherford, Dr Isla Fishburn, Caroline Ingraham and our very own Stef! Over the course of the weekend, sessions will be run by each of our 4 spokeswomen, giving you the opportunity to learn all about fresh feeding, self selection and what you can do to help your pet thrive. Nothing is off-topic so this is your chance to ask as many questions as you like.

The workshop will be held in a secluded, picturesque location in the town of Bingley in West Yorkshire, where lunch (vegan and GF options available) and a range of refreshments will be provided on both days, thank you to Cotswold Raw for providing exceptional food for us. We’re also planning a friendly get-together on the Saturday evening where you can socialise and get to know the team so come along and join the fun! If you will be travelling from further afield, Stef is more than happy to recommend nearby accommodation.

Don’t panic if you can’t make it to both days; single day tickets are also available. This means you can choose between the seminars you’d most like to attend. Here’s the full line up for the weekend to help you decide…


Saturday the 25th May


Dr Isla Fishburn -Sponsored By Benyfit Natural

Isla is a brand ambassador of Benyfit Natural, founder of Kachina Canine, and is passionate about creating complete wellness for all. Her academic knowledge and experience of working with wolves and wolf hybrids has taken her on a journey to bring complete wellness to dogs to provide a long and healthy life.

A happy and healthy dog starts with a happy and healthy earth; Isla has a long interest in nature, healing and conservation for a healthy planet, focusing on shamanic practices. After learning more about wellness, and from her own experience of developing a deep, personal connection whilst working with wolves, Isla continues to find ways to bridge the gap between animals, plants and humans to co-exist in harmony. Her research and its practical application has made her one of the leading experts on canine wellness and longevity.

Isla’s talk is titled ‘Indigenous Canine, Indigenous You!’ This is a brand-new never seen or heard talk from Dr Isla where she’ll also be energy testing with food. It’s one you really don’t want to miss.


Caroline Ingraham- Sponsored By Utterly Rawsome

Caroline is the founder of Ingraham Academy and Applied Zoopharmacognosy, a new approach to animal welfare which gives domestic and captive animals the chance to ‘self-medicate’ as research shows they would in the wild.

Caroline has dedicated the last three decades to researching and observing how animals heal themselves; knowledge gained directly from working with animals. From this, Caroline developed the Animal Gateway, a series of workshops and books which have been created to give you the most effective and natural method of working with your animals, enabling a new level of relationship and communication between humans and animals.

During Caroline’s seminar, you’ll learn all about trusting your animals in allowing them to choose their own dietary needs though self selection. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


Sunday the 26th May


Emma Rutherford- Sponsored By Natural Instinct

Emma, from the Natural Canine Kitchen and Feed Your Dog Well, will be speaking about her philosophies on how to nourish the 21st century canine. Emma has one foot firmly placed in a scientific approach to feeding a balanced diet using her extensive knowledge covering AAFCO/NRC guidelines/ancestral diet (ONR)/FEDIAF. Her other foot is firmly planted in understanding nature, nourishing dogs with choice and ensuring they have a great eating experience daily.

Emma will demonstrate how to prepare a complete and balanced meal for dogs and a complete and balanced meal for cats. Both of these will be balanced to FEDIAF guidelines. If you want to know how to create your own balanced meals for your pet, this is the perfect seminar for you.


Stef Peel – Sponsored by The Dogs Butcher

As the owner of Stefs Pet Pantry, Stef gets asked tonnes of questions about pet foods and fresh feeding on a daily basis. She began her journey into fresh feeding over 10 years ago and currently has 13 raw fed dogs.

Stef will be going back to basics, helping to break down those barriers which concern pet owners when starting on a fresh diet. She will be sharing her most frequently asked questions, whilst also demonstrating what she feeds her own dogs. You’ll then have the chance to put your new-found skills to the test as you take part in a Masterchef challenge to create the best freshly prepared meal!

In addition, you’ll also be the first to hear about the exciting practical nourishment course that Stef and Emma will be releasing later this year. Watch this space!


This really will be a weekend you won’t forget, but hurry! Tickets are extremely limited so make sure you don’t miss out – purchase your ticket today.


Please note: Workshop start and finish times will follow in an email confirmation nearer the time.


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