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Where it all began

My journey started with a Labrador called Skye. She was 9 at the time. My poor old girl was crippled with arthritis and spondylosis of the spine ( degeneration of the spinal column) this led to her having horrific pain in her rear end. Skye had been on all the usual pain relief for a while as well as the ‘best’ kibble foods. ( I was uneducated then) she couldn’t carry on like this, the pain relief wasn’t having much effect anymore. So my choices were pts or…… Find something else. I took to the Internet looking for a miracle cure. I came across ‘raw, barf diet’. Reading some of the fantastic stories online made me what to find out more. I bought books and read for hours.

This eventually lead to a very messy kitchen, and the worry of preparing a balanced diet.

Not forgetting the hours spent preparing the food, for not only Skye but the other 10 dogs I owned.  Fast forward 7 years to today, although I no longer have Skye, which is very sad but I am pleased to tell you I lost her a month before her 16th Birthday. Raw was my miracle.

Although I no longer prepare my dogs diet anymore I take advantage of the great prepared raw meals that are now available.  Today my dogs are the fittest and healthiest they have ever been. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for my dogs.