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Mariah Carey Season

November is here, we survived Halloween and Bonfire Night is upon us. Last month's blog focused on preparing for fireworks, something both myself and Stef covered in detail with our best hints and tips for helping keep your pooches safe and happy. Also don’t miss Stefs YouTube video on how to set up a safe space for your dog during firework season!

Dare I mention that Mariah Carey season is nearly here and I have even heard whispers that people have started their Christmas shopping already! Well within good reason actually because Stef is going to bankrupt me with all the amazing Christmas stock she has got in! There’s no time like the present to get ready for the holiday season from presents to planning your dog's Christmas Dinner. 

Advent Calenders

Fish 4 Dogs have a lovely traditional style advent calendar, packed to the brim with fish squares or mackerel morsels. This is also a great little daily omega 3 boost for your dog's diet to support joint, brain and coat health. 

Rosewood Advent Calendar is what I use for my gang as you can put multiple treats in each slot, perfect for those who have multi dog households and also you can reuse every year! These are perfect for the JR training treats, I can easily fit three treats in each slot you could put at least double that in depending on how many dogs you have.


If you’re like me and have Christmas bedding for yourself, why not keep your pooch on theme and make their bed Christmasy and cosy. I love love love the Rosewood Winter Blanket and it even comes with a matching bed. Even though these are lucious I know my rogue thugs would make this gorgeous set scruffy so I’m opting this year for the good old fashioned Christmas Vet bed.

Christmas Clothing

Now it goes without saying that if your dog isn’t happy with wearing clothing then don’t impose on them for the sake of a cheeky festive picture. However if your dog is more than happy to get snuggled up, then Stef has the most gorgeous range of clothing in!

Jumpers are a must have not just for Christmas but for any colder months, which is a fair few in the UK. This helps to keep a chill off creaky joints, but you can definitely combine function and fashion. I can already see my girls in matching Cheetah Knit Jumpers and Rodney looking dapper in a Santasaurus Jumper, oh my goodness they will just look devine! There is a huge range of Christmas jumpers and even the cutest Dino Hat for keeping ears toasty.

Last but by no means least is something I’m so excited about and that is the Rosewood Grey Pyjamas and with this pattern it will be super easy to match up your own pair of PJs. I can visualise the Christmas family photo now, I just have to convince the husband to actually be in the photo with us! Is it even Christmas without a forced family photo?! 

Christmas Toys 

I have been known to go overboard with buying Christmas themed toys for the dogs, but I just can’t help it! I love watching the gang open their presents and even though they have a million toys, what's a few more?! To be fair though these toys get well used and kept all year round, so here are some of my favourites in stock.

- Diplodocus in a Santa outfit, how adorable is this! I can already see Rodney in his dinosaur jumper, hat and now matching soft toy. 

- Arguably one of the best parts of Christmas Dinner, well for me anyway is cauliflower cheese so imagine my absolute JOY at finding Rosewoods Cauliflower Cheese soft toys. In fact Rosewood have knocked it out of the park this year with their Christmas toys from Michael Mince Pie (I’m not joking) and Christmas Tree Forage Mat  

- House of Paws has the sweetest Santa Paws Express and even the cutest Sprout you’ve ever seen. 

Christmas Eve Treats

Lots of people have little Christmas traditions, in our house on Christmas Eve we always have a Cheese and Wine night, literally no other time of the year does this occur but it's such an indulgent treat. Of course the dogs can’t join in ( if you’re reading this, yes that means you as well Peggy) so I like to get them something a little special so they can join in with us.

How about some Carrot Cake? This handy kit comes with all your dry ingredients, you just need to add your own eggs, oil and peanut butter. I’m sure your pooches would be more than happy to clean the dishes with you.

What about a Mini Christmas Stocking with some pick n mix treats in, absolute bargain at £2.49 and perfectly paired with a Christmas movie. 

Forthglade have their Christmas Turkey and Cranberry treats, very on theme for the festive period. You could include these in some enrichment games or simply just 

Christmas Dinner

Ok so this is something that I have been planning for at least the past couple of months, yes I am that obsessed with making sure my pooches feel super spoiled at Christmas time! Last year I served up a three course meal for the dogs and they absolutely loved it. I'm still finalising the details of this year's menu but here are some ideas if you want to be EXTRA for your dog this year!

A little snack or palette cleanser before the main meal, how are you going to set the tone of your Doggy Christmas Extravaganza.

- Alexanders Natural Soup comes in three different proteins and contains fermented veggies, a lovely light starter that I have previously paired with Natures Variety Treats as little croutons. This product along with their plain bone broth can be heated through, if your dog isn’t used to warm foods ensure these are tepid and check on the inside of your wrist, if it's safe for a baby its safe for your dog. The same goes for Boil and Broth and Karnlea broths too.
- Something that can be opened at the table and enjoyed for longer would be the Fish4Dogs Christmas Cracker, filled with 50g Salmon Training Bites. However it doesn’t contain the paper hat and cheesy Christmas joke, but I’m sure you can fill in the gaps!


We are totally spoiled for choice this year with several brands bringing out a limited edition Christmas dinner. This is perfect to pair up with some christmas veggies like some carrot and swede mash, maybe even a sprout or two!

- NTN has not just one but TWO different meals with their 3 Bird Dinner with chicken, turkey and duck and Turkey & Cranberry dinner

- The poshest contender of them all, Paleo Ridge brings a different edge to Christmas dinner with a mince containing pheasant, turkey and lamb. 

- DAF have their take on Christmas dinner with their Xmas 3 Bird Feast with fruit and veg. This combines Turkey, Duck & Pheasant Cuts, Peas, Carrots, Cranberries & Apple, a real Christmas feast! 

- For those who don’t feed raw, Forthglade has a lovely grain free wet food with Turkey, cranberry and parsnip. Great as a meal, topper or even on a lick mat.

It is scientifically proven that there is ALWAYS room for pudding, well that is a bit of a fib but with our dogs not able to have a slither of christmas cake (its highly toxic so totally off the menu!!), there is still something on offer at Stefs.

- Have you even had Christmas Dinner if you don’t finish with a After 8 mint? Well of course our dogs can’t have one but the nearest thing is Furry Feasts Mint Choc Ice Cream made with all dog safe ingredients and goats milk. 

- We’re back with Alexanders Natural and their festive mix of paws, either made with bone broth or kefir, a perfect way to lightly round off a Christmas dinner. 

- Paleo Ridge has their take on a British classic pudding, Strawberries and Cream. This frozen treat combines kefir, strawberries and their Berry Good super mix. 

- Back in February myself and Stef were in the kitchen causing chaos with our valentines 3 course menu. One recipe that you can reuse, would be our Smartbarf and Kefir Cheesecake, check out the live on facebook to learn the recipe! 

Well having sat and written this blog I have cemented what I’ve added to my shopping list and that's just for the dogs and ferrets! Stef even has me covered for the Guinea Pigs with her small animal Christmas collection, I mean just look at this 12 Days of Christmas Forage Box, how could I not get this?

This month my last day in store for Therapist Saturday is the 26th of November, so come down and chat about all things canine pain, raw and supplements!

Continue to nourish your dogs with species appropriate nutrition, massage and compassion.


Catch up soon,

Yaz x

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