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Yorkshire based natural dog and cat food supplier

Here at Stef’s Pet Pantry, we’re passionate about helping you make more informed choices about your pet food. We have a range of carefully selected, species-appropriate, natural dog and cat food, raw dog and cat food, and even reptile food. Whether you’re simply looking for some good quality natural pet products, you’re experimenting with raw dog or cat food for the first time, or you’re a DIY raw feeding expert, you’ll find everything you need here at Stef’s Pet Pantry.

Shop now to view Stef’s full range of natural dog and cat food, and reptile food.

We’ll even let you in on a little secret…each brand of raw dog food we advertise has been given the stamp of approval by Stef’s dogs themselves!


Quality natural dog and cat food, with no additives or preservatives

All brands we sell are completely natural with no added preservatives, fillers or additives. This means you can rest assured your pet is getting the nutrition they deserve.

  • You can pick from:
    • A range of raw dog and cat food, including completes, whole prey and minces
    • Dry or wet/tinned natural dog and cat food
    • Bones and chews
    • Species-appropriate reptile food
    • A variety of delicious natural treats, toys and beds (you don’t want to miss the doggy ice cream and paw-secco, trust us!)
    • Keep a look out on the Monthly Madness page where you can grab a great bargain every month!
  • Delivery only £3.50, with a time slot for delivery emailed the day before

If you’re unsure what natural food would be best suited to your pet’s needs, don’t hesitate to give Stef a call on 07801 929 431. You’ll receive a wealth of advice and knowledge to help you pick the right product for your pet.


Why you should take advantage of our Yorkshire delivery service

Convenience is key at Stef’s Pet Pantry. Our hardworking team are dedicated to you and your pet, and providing you with a personal, friendly and convenient service.

So, what can you expect when you order your natural dog and cat food or reptile food?
• Delivery available to any Yorkshire postcode
• Your order will be delivered in a frozen vehicle, keeping your raw food fresh
• Not going to be in? No problem, we’ll pack it away in a safe place for you!
• Click-and-collect service is also available from two locations in Yorkshire

For full details, have a look at our delivery information.

Shop now to grab a great deal on a variety of natural dog and cat food or reptile food.

And don’t forget to look out for our amazing delivery van. If you spot it out and about on the Yorkshire roads, grab a snap and upload it to our Facebook page. You’ll receive a £5 voucher to spend on the website in return. Get snapping!

See all delivery/pick up information here

See the benefits and feeding guidelines here

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