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Raw feeding Cats?
written by Stef | Diet

Feeding our felines raw is often overlooked. When we talk about feeding raw to our pets, most think about feeding our canine friends. In fact, it’s really about feeding a species-appropriate diet to all animals. Our feline companions are obligate carnivores. What does this mean? People refer to cats as being obligate carnivores to put more emphasis on the fact there is little difference between them and any other meat eating predator. They need to eat meat to thrive.

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Raw food, how do I choose?

So you’ve finally decided to feed a fresh, raw diet but the choice is overwhelming. Right here at Stefs, we work with 30+ raw manufactures, bringing us a choice of over 3000+ raw products. I’m hearing you, where do I start? If you’re at the very beginning, start with our starter guide. This is our new to raw section. Here we explain how to transition and what to feed. Our job is to help you find everything you need to nourish your pet.

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